Anthony Eaton

Auto/Diesel Instructor

Lincoln College of Technology;
Adjunct Faculty
Automotive Technology-Diesel and Heavy Equipment program
Cedar Valley

“My experience in both the Diesel and Automotive Tech programs was excellent. I got such a good background of updated technology in school, which I later found out put me ahead in the industry. When I got out into the field, I saw that some of that latest equipment was still up against the wall and companies weren’t taking full advantage of what they had, because they didn’t know how to use it. I tell my students that they absolutely have to learn how to use every piece of equipment here in the lab so they’ll have that edge.

“One of the best things I learned in my classes was how to read and understand a service manual. With a manual in front of me, I can fix just about anything. I also really push that concept in teaching. You have to understand the terminology in your career to be successful. I also use the same methods every day on the job; it helps me to keep organized day by day.

“My advice to someone considering working in this industry? You definitely have to be a professional at all times on the job. Observe what’s going on around you and understand the system. Be secure in the information that you know, but also be willing to listen to advice and new ways to do things. And be on time! If you’re five minutes early, you’re on time; if you’re just on time, you’re late.

“Be prepared to be a needed commodity at your job; be someone your supervisor can trust and make his job easier. Then when it’s time for you to move up, he’ll remember how you took care of him and will do the same for you.”

Anthony Eaton has been teaching in the Diesel and Heavy Equipment program at Cedar Valley since 2001 and in the Auto/Diesel associate degree program at Lincoln College of Technology in Grand Prairie since 2004. He earned a Diesel and Heavy Equipment certificate at North Lake ​before the program was transferred to Cedar Valley, where he then earned an associate degree in Automotive Technology.