Uranik Begu, DBAc


Marketing Manager, Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo,
and Marketing Professor, University of Business and Technology, Republic of Kosovo

“Ever since I came to the USA, I had an interest in studying business, believing that returning to my country I could contribute significantly in bringing back the knowledge and best practices learned in the States.

“My experience at DCCCD was an enlightening one. At DCCCD not only did I complete a degree, but I also spent time working in several positions on campus. I found out the DCCCD has a great prepared staff, and classes were not overloaded, which helped me a lot in being an active part of my classes. My experience included great staff, small and interactive classes, a multicultural environment and great facilities.

“A good start is what wins the race, and this was in my case. My professional education started at DCCCD, and it continued by earning an MBA; I am now pursuing a doctorate in business administration.

“Besides the educational aspect, the DCCCD has also influenced me in my professional life. In my position as marketing professor at the University of Business and Technology in Kosovo, I brought the practices that my professors and mentors at DCCCD had taught me. There is a long list of professors to which I am very grateful and thankful for my success, but two I have to mention are Jay Hammond (History) and Clarice McCoy (Accounting). These two professors showed me that teaching is a noble profession and is not only about interpreting a book, but also about creating new experiences.

“DCCCD is very much a multicultural place. Besides the great education, I think that the environment of culture and communication is remarkable in preparing you for your future life and profession.

Uranik “Nik” Begu earned an associate degree in Business Administration, which included several Accounting classes, having also attended Richland College for one semester. While a student at the colleges of DCCCD, he was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the academic honor society for two-year colleges, received a scholarship from Better Kids Better Dallas U.S.A. and was named to the national Dean’s List.

He earned concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Wienna University of Technology, and is currently a Doctorate of Business Administration candidate at Swiss Management University, an international online university based in Switzerland.

He lives and works in his native country, now the Republic of Kosovo, and served as a member of the local parliament of Prishtina, its capital, from 2007-09; he is a current member of the Committee for the Economic Development Municipality of Prishtina, serving a six-year term through 2013.

Kosovo was once part of Italian-occupied Albania before becoming an autonomous province of the Socialist Republic of Serbia in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After the Kosovo War and the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, the territory came under the interim administration of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and in 2008 declared independence as the Republic of Kosovo.