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Sustainable DCCCD

For more than 50 years the Dallas County Community College District has helped identify and deliver solutions to the real-life challenges faced by individuals, employers and the community. One of those challenges is building a healthy and sustainable future for Dallas County and its citizens.

To that end, we are working to become an environmental leader in our community continually advocating the wise use of natural, financial and human resources through mindful education and action.

Our commitment to sustainability also impacts our everyday decisions— from our academic offerings to our architecture and college operations.

Our strategic goals include:

  1. the conservation of energy and resources
  2. minimizing waste
  3. educating others about sustainability and, finally
  4. engaging the local, regional and national community on sustainability efforts.

Supporting Sustainability

In Our Community

Our vision is for the colleges of DCCCD to become environmental leaders in our communities – teaching, learning and supporting sustainability. We are committed to sustainability and environmental compliance.

We invite you to join us for an upcoming community-centered event or training.

Among Our Students and Staff

The colleges of DCCCD are environmental leaders in the classroom – encouraging, equipping and fostering sustainability. See how our students, faculty and staff are living green:

Learn more about sustainability initiatives at the colleges of DCCCD.

Sustainabil​ity is not a destination; it is a journey, and we have just begun.

7th Annual Sustainability Summit on November 3, 2017