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Child Development/Early Childhood Education Careers

​​Where Can I Work With Educational Training?

Depending on the level of your education and specialization in age group or area such as special education or language, you may work in:

  • Church education programs
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community colleges
  • Community programs such as the YMCA, YWCA or Red Cross
  • Child-care centers, from private to corporate-sponsored
  • Federal programs such as Head Start
  • Hospitals
  • Industries where children cannot attend regular schools and need to be individually tutored, such as in the film and television industries
  • Overseas settings for businesses, American schools for expatriate families or international schools
  • Libraries, museums or other city programs
  • Not-for-profit organizations such as AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps or America Reads
  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Schools with special educational emphasis such as Montessori or international education
  • Technical and vocational schools

​​Salaries and Projected Job Growth

America’s Career Infonet lists salary ranges for the following job titles. Note: many of the following job categories may require education past the associate degree level.

Job Title​Median Annual SalaryEst. % Job Growth
​Through 2022
Child-care workers$22,000+24%

Teacher assistants


Teachers, preschool