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Dr. Joe May, Chancellor

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About Dr. Joe May

Selected as the seventh chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District, Dr. Joe May assumed his duties at DCCCD in late February 2014. Throughout his career, May has expanded opportunities for students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree by starting at a community college. At the same time, he brings a strong commitment to improving the Dallas economy by helping to grow middle-class jobs. He is known both nationally and internationally as a result of his relentless advocacy for the role of community colleges in solving today’s most challenging social issues.

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Initial Results of The Student Experience Survey

In May 2016, Dr. May and team of consultants presented the initial findings of a six-month Student Experience Survey.

A PDF of the presentation is available for viewing as well as the WebEx recording of the webinar.

Download the PDF (PDF - 1.88mb)
View the WebEx presentation

Multi-Year Planning and Outlook for DCCCD

As part of the annual budget process, Dr. May and his staff presented the Multi-Year Planning and Outlook for FY2017 - FY2020.

View the presentation (PDF - 4.69mb)​.

DCCCD, JPMorgan Chase Partner to Solve Skills Gap in DFW Dr. May meets with JPMorgan executives

As the Dallas economy grows, so does the number of opportunities for thousands of middle-skills jobs that would help fight the growth of poverty in the area. However, people looking for employment in the DFW area don’t have the skills they need to qualify for those jobs.

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Dr. Joe May: Obama’s community college proposal is a good idea Students discuss classwork with a teacher

"Completing college isn’t an end; it’s a beginning," Dr. May wrote in a recent column published in The Dallas Morning News. "That’s why I believe the White House proposal to provide a free community college education to all Americans is a model for success."

Read the full column​.

Community Perspectives Todd Williams, executive director, commit!

As a way of sharing insights from the community, Dr. May and his staff have begun a new video series, Community Perspectives.

View the latest video​.
View others in the series​.

Rebuilding America’s Middle Class A construction formean and worker

Dr. May is the founding president of Rebuilding America’s Middle Class (RAMC). RAMC is a national organization of community colleges dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

View more information about RAMC.

College Is for Everyone Large group of people looking up at the camera

In June, Dr. May presented the keynote for the Texas Association of Community College Marketers (TACCM). His presentation focused on reaching non-consumers of higher education.

View slides from the presentation (PDF - 7.1MB).

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