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Why You Need a Program of Study to Get a Transcript

House Bill 3025 Requires Program of Study

In summer 2011, the Texas legislature passed a law that requires all college students to select a program of study. The program of study you select is a guide to the classes you will take to earn a specific certificate or degree.

This law requires you to select a program of study by the time you complete 45 credit hours (12-15 courses). If you do not select a program of study by this time, you will not be eligible for an official transcript (a record of your grades).

Selecting a program of study is an important step in your college experience. All colleges of DCCCD have advisors who can help you select the program of study that is right for you. You will get reminders to select a program of study regularly as you enroll in courses, during orientation, when you meet with an advisor and through emails.

If you are applying for financial aid or Veterans Affairs benefits, you are required to select a program of study. If you currently receive financial aid or Veterans Affairs benefits, you have already made this selection.

How to Select Your Program of Study

Select a program of study through eConnect.

If you are a new student, set up an eConnect account first:

  1. Go to the eConnect Main Menu page, and click on “I’m New to eConnect.” Follow the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Once in eConnect, select My Program of Study under the Personal Information Menu.
  3. There, you can explore, select, view and print your program of study.

When and How to File an Official Degree Plan

An official degree plan is not the same thing as a program of study.

When you have completed a year of study, please file an official degree plan in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office of the college from which you plan to graduate. College degree audit officials will then review your academic record closely, using as much transfer course work as possible to fulfill your degree requirements.

How to Prepare for Graduation

Next, after consulting with the degree audit official, fill out an Application for Graduation. It identifies the semester you think you will complete your graduation requirements.

Finally, each college of DCCCD has annual commencement exercises. We encourage all students to participate. You must notify the Admissions/Registrar’s Office of the college from which you are graduating that you want to participate in graduation. We need to know if you are participating so we can order your cap and gown and reserve seats at the ceremony for you.

For More Information

See some frequently asked questions (and answers!) that may be helpful to you.