1600 Viceroy
Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75235

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Website: www.vnatexas.org
Category: Older Adult Services
Contact: Linda Giddens
Phone: 214-689-3271
Email: giddensl@vnatexas.org
College Proximity: ECC, EFC, NLC
DART Availability: No
Vehicle Required: Yes
VNA is a non-profit organization that helps our elderly neighbors and loved ones maintain their independence by providing services that allow them to age where they are happiest and most comfortable-at home. Some students will work with Direct Patient Care to provide in the home of the patient friendly visits, caregiver relief and assistance with errands. Students can read a book, give a hug, play music or just be there to provide companionship. Some students will work Bereavement Support and provide support after the death of the patient through phone calls, visits, helping with luncheons and facilitating support groups. Additional 4 hour training required. Some students will work with Administration and assist with clerical duties and provide administrative support to VNA.


For orientation details, please contact the agency.