Let Us Dream Inc.

​3821 Broadway Blvd.
Garland, Texas 75043

Website: letusdream.org

Category: Children/ Youth Services
Contact: Jacob Mathew/ Tom Chacko
Phone: 469-360-9200
Email: varikat@yahoo.com
Campus Proximity: Brookhaven, Eastfield​, El Centro and Richland
DART Availability: No
Vehicle Required: Yes
Special Requirements: Ages 18 and up. Must complete the volunteer/mentor consent form and background checks. Dreams will provide program T-shirts
Specific Opportunities: Students will receive opportunities to volunteer in the summer and follow up camps in any of the following roles: 1. mentors - facilitate activities/games for children, leading/organizing summer camps and follow up camps, 2. Speakers-to introduce the topics, lead 20-30 minutes key note sessions on varying topics in the curriculum 3. Volunteers - support the camp team assisting with registration, activities, and games . These opportunities are available during the summer camps and the quarterly follow up sessions. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their skills by interacting with pre-teens, empowering children with low self-esteem and sharpening their own mentoring, leadership and oratory skills
Potential Projects This Year: We could potentially partner for one of our Late Night programming events or during some of our upcoming off- and on-site community programs to help build interest and engagement in the DMA's mission and programs.

Description: DREAMS (Desire, Readiness, Empowerment, Action and Mastery for Success) is a success intervention program for middle school children designed to lead them toward their academic success, professional flourishment and ultimately their holistic success in life. Research has found the project is very effective in improving the participants’ self-confidence, self-esteem and their interpersonal skills. The project has been successfully implemented in several communities and school districts since 2012. This curriculum-based three year personal, social and leadership skills development program is implemented through the summer camps and quarterly one-​day follow-up programs throughout the year to transmit the ​success stories and values of those from the local community to our next generations.​

For orientation details, please contact the agency.
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