Dallas Public Library


1515 Young St.
Dallas, Texas 75208

Category: Children/ Youth Services
Contact: Heather Lowe
Phone: 214-670-7809​
Email: volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org
Campus Proximity: El Centro
DART Availability: Yes
Vehicle Required: No
Special Requirements: Dallas Public Library accepts volunteers age 14 and older. At the discretion of staff, children under the age of 14 may be approved to co-volunteer with a parent or guardian.
Specific Opportunities: Literacy Programs, ESL Volunteers, GED Volunteer, Children's Program Assistant, Technology Teacher, Inventory Investigator, Gift Evaluator, Event and Display Collaborator, Language Exchange, Study Buddy.
Potential Projects This Year: We would like for participants to gain hands-on experience ​aiding in the educational process of our students. We have set curriculum that teachers and participants will be instrumental in implementing for our students. We would work with faculty partners to update them on the progress of their students.

Description: The Dallas Public Library system serves as the municipal library system of the city of Dallas. We offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Come check us out!

For orientation details, please contact the agency.
Service Learning