Dallas College Street Team

1​601 Botham Jean Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75215

Category: Dallas College Support Services
Contact: Marielle McGregor
Phone: 214-378-1613
Email: mmcgregor@dcccd.edu
Campus Proximity: El Centro
DART Availability: Yes
Vehicle Required: No
Special Requirements: A minimum 2.5 GPA and a working smart phone are required. Typically Street Team is out and about, but with COVID our student ambassadors this year are virtual ambassadors. That means any speaking engagements, classroom visits, college fairs, focus groups or festivals Street Team participates in, we'll be attending online rather than in person.​ ​
Specific Opportunities: Tasks are given through the Goosechase mobile app each month as “missions.” Street Team members can win points for each “mission” they complete. Earn more points to unlock access to special Street Team awards — from swag to the coveted Washington, D.C. Trip application.
Potential Projects This Year: • Answering prospective student's questions • Giving a presentation about college to younger students, Speaking on a live panel • Participating in a focus group • Helping test a new technology for students • Representing Dallas College on social media • Hyping up a crowd • Traditional table recruiting​

Description: The Dallas College Street Team is a dedicated group of outstanding student leaders from across Dallas College who help spread the word about us to the community. How? We post on social media, attend community events, march in parades and simply create buzz wherever we go (from the grocery store to the dog park)! Why? Our work is important! We want to make college possible for everyone. We believe that a better education means a better life for college students and their families. So, we help with anything and everything to connect our community to educational opportunities! No task is too big or too small. After all, we are here to serve. Together we represent unity and diversity through team work and servant leadership.

For orientation details, please contact the agency.