Student Checklist 2020-2021

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If you are in an eight-week pilot Service Learning course, you have a different checklist. You should have received a packet the first week of class. Please email your Service Learning (SL) Coordinator.

  • ​Reflect on your educational and career goals.
  • Work with your professor(s) and your SL Coordinator to identify an ap​propriate service experience at a Dallas College Service Leaning Agency.
  • Complete the SL Sign-up Form (PDF - 92KB) and sign the Liability Waiver (PDF - 148KB) by the appropriate deadline provided below; submit form online or by email to your SL Coordinator.
    • Fall 1st 8-week course: Aug. 28
    • Fall 2nd 8-week course: Oct. 23
    • Fall 16-week course: Sept. 11
    • Spring 1st 8-week course: Jan. 22
    • Spring 2nd 8-week course: March 26
    • Spring 16-week course: Feb. 5
  • Participate in the orientation required by the agency where you are to preform your service.
  • Record your service on your timesheet and have the volunteer coordinator sign it.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your experience, immediately take them to your contact person at the service site, your professor, or your SL Coordinator
  • Complete the reflection assignment from your professor or the reflection questions online.
  • Complete your hours and submit your timesheet and reflection assignment, to your professor and your SL Coordinator by the appropriate deadline provided below to receive full credit for your participation.
    • Fall, 1st 8 week course: Oct. 9
    • Fall, 2nd 8 week course: Dec. 4
    • Fall 16 week course: Dec. 4
    • Spring 1st 8 week course: March 5
    • Spring 2nd 8 week course: May 7
    • Spring 16 week course: May 7
  • Continue doing community service and strive for the National President’s Volunteer Service Award.


Please contact your campus Service Learning Coordinator.