Propsective Agencies

​Dea​r Prospective Service Learning Partner:

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Dallas College Service Learning program. The program is designed to provide academically based service experiences for the students of Dallas College, while providing much needed services that benefit the whole community. Service Learning seeks to create a win-win situation, providing both students and community agencies with a relationship that can meet both their needs.

Service Learning students differ from traditional volunteers. They are challenged with connecting their service in the community with a particular learning goal in the classroom. One way they accomplish this is to use reflection, which may come through journal entries or group discussions on campus. Therefore, it is imperative that their service experiences involve as much client or “people” contact as possible. Paperwork or administrative duties will not provide students with the experiences they need to meet Service Learning goals. Although some students stay on at their Service Learning sites as long-term volunteers, they may be required to complete only 15 hours of service beyond training.

Because many of the participating students are receiving class credit for their service hours, it is imperative that the Service Learning sites follow the guidelines set forth each semester on the Service Learning Agencies website. You are responsible for screening the students, orienting them and signing off on the timesheets that they bring with them. Some of our campuses have additional information that you will need to complete, and the students will provide that to you.

Complete information about the Dallas College Service Learning program is available online at the Service Learning Agencies website. On the website, you can access the Community Agencies link to see other sites that participate in the program and read their program descriptions.

For consideration next semester, please email our Service Learning team​. We will then contact you to schedule a site visit once paperwork is received.

Again, thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you!


Dallas College Service Learning Coordinators