Male Initiative Program

The Dallas County Community College District Male Initiative helps men of color pursue their personal and academic goals. Explore the Male Initiative programs and resources at your campus, including mentoring and networking opportunities. 

Cedar Valley College: Brother II Brother

The Cedar Valley “Male Initiative” strives to impact college youth and encourage you not only to complete college, but also to excel there. A full 98% of the participants agree that the program helped them utilize academic resources on campus, and 93% believe that it helped them define academic and career goals. The program not only provides students mentorship through their first college experience, but also teaches them how to attain those same successes once leaving the program. The Brother 2 Brother student club meets weekly to provide a bridge of support to participants in the program.

Eastfield College: M.A.L.E.S Mentoring Program

Eastfield College has the M.A.L.E.S Mentoring & Retention Program. It is focused on student Achievement, Leadership, Empowerment & Service. Through M.A.L.E.S, students are able to join the Men’s Empowerment Club, while becoming involved with their peers in a variety of campus programming and networking. The M.A.L.E.S Program offers potential paid federal work study positions and the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. Peer mentoring is a new component of the program in partnership with Dallas Skyline High School.

El Centro College: Men of Distinction

Our Men of Distinction Program began with 18 fellows and mentors eager to take the first step on their pathway to success. In total, we held six sessions, including: MOD Orientation, Navigating Life Challenges & Effective Goal Setting, Developing your Personal Brand, Preparing for Industry, Communication Excellence and Mid-Year Milestones. Through the involvement with MOD, several of our fellows received opportunities to represent, serve and be recognized by the college. As we continue with the program, we remain determined to continue the development of our fellows and seek opportunities for our male students to learn and empower them to achieve their academic, career and life goals.

Mountain View College: Brother 2 Brother

The Mountain View College Brother to Brother Initiative is designed to unlock every student’s potential by focusing on four vital areas of the individual’s collegiate experience. The Brother to Brother Initiative helps students advance and excel in their academic, professional, personal and social lives while assisting them with the challenges of college in order for them to mature into responsible and productive adults. From registration to graduation, the Brother to Brother Initiative is there to encourage and expand the horizon of each student.

North Lake College: AIMM

North Lake College has an academic program designed for you: AIMM (Academically Influencing Minority Males). AIMM is devoted to supporting students in achieving their academic, career and personal goals. The AIMM program is designed to encourage first-time and continuing minority male students to build connections and to create a supportive community of learning. All courses are taught by minority male faculty, and enrollment is limited to minority male students. Faculty act as mentors to students and are available for additional help outside of class.

Richland College: Male Achievement Program

The Male Achievement Program (MAP) of Richland College seeks to increase the retention and college completion of male/minority students. Through the offering of activities and events, the MAP aims to help participants develop personal and leadership skills as well as achieve their individual, career and academic goals. Through mentoring, resource connections, programmatic activities and events, the MAP aims to make a positive impact on participants’ lives. The program further aims to be a Syllabus for Success that results in participants becoming Symbols of Success to themselves, their communities and society as a whole!