Student Clubs and Organizations at Mountain View

A​ variety of experiences are available to enrich your personal and intellectual growth and this will contribute to your overall academic success. Check out the experiences below by contacting the advisor or the Office of Student Life.

Student Clubs and Organizations

​Club NameAdvisor​/Contact​
Art Club Email ​Art Club

Tina Medina
Promotes the growth of interest and appreciation of the arts and fosters continued learning.
Bible Study Ministry Email Bible Study Ministry

Takyra Morgan
A Christian organization for all students with the purpose of creating a friendly and welcoming environment where students can make healthy relationships and learn more about God.
Black Student Organization Email Black Student Organization

Darius Frasure
Develops an awareness of African American heritage and culture through interaction and trips.
Brother to BrotherMatthew Sanchez
Provides an avenue for all students (although targeting male students) to participate in meaningful discussions, soci​al activities, mentoring programs, tutoring and field trips.
Chemistry Affiliates Email Chemistry Affiliates

Bill Drake
Foster leadership development through the coordination of educational awareness projects focused on chemistry.
Criminal Justice Club Email Criminal Justice Club

Bill Drake
Serve students and the community in a capacity to educate, inform and advocate for good citizenship.
MVC History Ryan Pettengill
The purpose of the MVC History Club is to provide students with a better understanding of history and foster a deeper appreciation for the study of history.
International Friendship Club Email Int.​​ Friendship Club

Florencio Alonso
Promotes cultural awareness and diversity at Mountain View College.
MVC Magic Email MVC Magic

Dr. Geoff Grimes
Enhances confidence, communication, and ​​performance technique through learning and performing magic.
National Society of Leadership & Success Email Ntl. Society of Leadership & Success

Ke'Ana Bradley
We are the nation's largest leadership honor society, where top students nominated by their colleges come together to identify and achieve their goals.
Phi Theta Kappa Email PTK

Darius Frasure
The Omega Omega Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for two-year college honors for those who achieve academic excellence.
Society of Nursing StudentsEmail Society of Nursing Students

Dymond Bell
Contribute to nursing education, foster and enhance student responsibility within the health care field, and promote professional interest and concerns of modern nursing.
Student Success Club Email Student Success Club

Lorena Faz

Veronica Luciano
Encourages members to strive for higher success and to become more responsible and united.
Sigma Delta Mu, Xi de Texas Email Sigma Delta Mu, Xi de Texas​

Ulises Rodriguez
Honors those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.
Sister II Sister Ke'Ana Bradley

Liva Yalong
Society of Sisterhood, creating connections, supporting self-worth, encouraging empowerment and breaking barriers.
Student Government Association Email SGA

Deanna Guess
Serves as the student voice, assists with programming and promotes students' issues and concerns.
Student Veterans of America Email SVA

Ismael Aleman
Providing academic and career-enhancing resources for veterans attending MVC.​
TRiO/Focus Club Email TRiO/Focus Club

Doria Wormbly

Tony Hall
Provides an additional forum for TRiO ​students to interact with each other and promote TRiO’s mission.