Student Clubs and Organizations at Eastfield

Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should either contact the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Engagement and Retention. All student clubs must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and Retention.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Anime Club

To discuss and understand Japanese culture through anime.

Contact: David Chien

Baptist Student Ministry

To promote and enhance the spiritual development of students through fellowship, Bible study, leadership and ministry to the campus.

Contact: Kyle Wilson

Campus Activities Board

To promote and plan campuswide activities and events for students, by students.

Contact: Lauren Anderson

Communication Club

To encourage students to become responsible citizens and strengthen their own self-image through the development of their communication and leadership skills.

Contact: Mary Forrest

Digital Media Club

A community of creative students focusing on the importance of visual communication.

Contact: Oslynn Williams

Harvester Choral Society

To celebrate and practice various forms of music, singing, and performing.

Contact: Melinda Imthurn

Human Services Club

To develop and maintain high standards of service by promoting professionalism through networking and providing activities that enhance the educational experience.

Contact: Philip Ortiz, Daniel Ramirez


To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to government, law, and business.

Contact: Kat Reguero

Intramural Sports & Recreation

To create and provide comprehensive and competitive recreational opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

Contact: JC Carew

Men Student Brotherhood

To aid male students, especially minority males, in the success of their education by increasing retention rates through community service and leadership promotion. Learn more about the Men Student Brotherhood.

Contact: Patrick Morgan, JC Carew

National Society of Leadership and Success

Building leaders who will make a better world.

Contact: Danae Bass

Outdoor Club

To provide students with an educational and fun experience involving outdoor activities, field trips, volunteer work, and social activism.

Contact: Zu Watanabe

Performing Arts Society

Defending the rights of the performing arts.

Contact: Dusty Thomas

Phi Theta Kappa

Recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.

Contact: Sharon Cook, Richard Post

Plant-Based Nutrition Club

To empower people to enrich their diets with more health-promoting, plant-based foods.

Contact: Deema Hussein, Iris Bechtol


To support and build the LGBTQ+ community at Eastfield College.

Contact: Chris Schlarb

Rotaract Club

To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.

Contact: Kassandra Buck

Science Club

To provide an opportunity for those interested in science to encourage leadership in the field in science and research worldwide.

Contact: Richard Post, Carl Knight, Jeff Hughes

Self-Sufficiency Club

To learn how to grow and cook our own food in order to promote self-sufficiency.

Contact: Michael Iachetta

Sigma Kappa Delta

To recognize and award outstanding achievement in English, literature, and language.

Contact: Nina Lambert, Rufel Ramos

Speech & Debate Club

Learn how to properly debate and practice public speaking within the Eastfield community.

Contact: Mollie Rose

Student Government Association

Civic responsibility and to promote cooperation between the student body, the faculty, and administration. Learn more about Student Government Association.

Contact: Katy Launius

Student Veterans of America

To bring awareness and support to veterans and military families.

Contact: Anastasia Lankford

Video Game Club

To play and understand the video game industry.

Contact: David Chien

Women's Empowerment

To provide resources to women that will help them achieve.

Contact: Beth Jacintho