Student Clubs and Organizations at El Centro

​​​Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should either contact the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Engagement and Retention. All student clubs must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and Retention.

Student Clubs and Organizations

African Student Association

To promote, advance, and support African American student success, retention, and social activities.

Contact: Mike Ogbeide, 214-860-2055; Robert Reyes, 214-860-2664; Larry Macklin, 214-860-2482

Anime Club

To promote better understanding of other cultures and language through Anime.

Contact: Peter Brown, 214-860-2345

American Society of Interior Design

Lead interior designers in shared conversations around topics that matter: from evidence-based and human-centric design to social responsibility, well-being, and sustainability. We showcase the impact of design on the human experience and the value interior designers provide.

Contact: Risë Talbot, 214-860-2353; Ron Reed, 214-860-2338

Biology Club

To promote the field of biology to the students of El Centro.

Contact: Robin Graham, 214-860-2268

Black Student Association


Contact: Florine Humble, 214-860-2633

Chemical Calculations Club

To promote exam-readiness and successful completion of chemistry courses CHEM-1411,CHEM1412,CHEM2423 and CHEM-2425

Contact: Jozef Borvak, 214-860-2333

Chess Club

To promote an interest in Chess among the student body at El Centro. Income critical thinking skills and sportsman.

Contact: David Barrientos, 214-860-2005; Mark Shepherd, 214-860-2250

Drama Club

To promote a better understanding of theatre and its impact.

Contact: Peter Brown, Vanessa Mercado-Taylor

Environmental Club

To promote alternatives to better the college campus at El Centro.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015; Bethan Salle, 214-860-2734

Fashion Society

To have educational and social events for students in fashion design and fashion marketing, allowing exposure to industry professional, field trips and guest speakers.

Contact: Brenda Carlson, 214-860-2344; Carmen Carter, 214-860-2721; Emmanuel Tobias, 214-860-2379

Fellowship of All Christians (FAC)

To serve the college and wide community by showing love for our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Contact: Derrick Payne, 214-860-2788

iLEAD Leadership Academy

The El Centro iLEAD Student Leadership Academy is a student leadership program that effectively develops civic responsible student and community leaders. The program is designed to connect and engage students from diverse backgrounds to develop and improve interpersonal communication and leadership skills, successfully navigate through college experiences and become actively engaged student leaders.

Contact: Shaneé Moore, 214-860-2137

International Interior Design Association

To advocate for design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, education and community outreach to increase the awareness of the interior design profession.

Contact: Ron Reed, Risë Talbot

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

To advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health, and civil rights of the under-represented populations of the United States.

Contact: David Barrientos, Hilary Taylor, Cynthia Alva

Mu Alpha Theta

Recognize students who perform well in Mathematics.

Contact: Cassandra Bowell, 214-860-2366

Multicultural Student Organization

Provide on and off campus opportunities for volunteers hours and community services.

Contact: Joseph Davila, 214-860-2477

OB/GYN Education Club

To promote opportunities for academic, cultural, social and recreational experiences through group programs and activities for sonography students and faculty.

Contact: Lynn Schluns, 972-860-5053; Pam Crawford, 972-860-5055

Paralegal Student Association

To promote paralegal student networking and events.

Contact: Christy Madden, 214-860-2320; Angelica Cuevas, 214-860-2785

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

To celebrate and recognize academic achievement of two-year college students and provided opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.

Contact: Eduardo Moralez, 214-860-2676; Kendra Harrison, 214-860-2258; Monica Medina, 214-860-1438; Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707

Rising Star

To allow Rising Star student to be involved in a club and be successful at El Centro.

Contact: Grace Huang, 214-860-2728; Jenny Hevel, 214-860-2727; Claudette Drake, 214-860-2385

Sigma Alpha Lambda

Sigma Alpha Lambda is a National Leadership and Honors Organization dedicated to developing the individual and serving our campus and community. The mission of Sigma Alpha Lambda is to recognize members for academic achievement, to engage members in service, and to develop members for leadership. Service is the foundation of our leadership development model as well as the leadership of the organization itself.

Contact: Shaneé Moore, 214-860-2138

Sister 2 Sister

Empowering the development of academic and social advancement of female students.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015; Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707


To enhance and elevate technical training through completion while including leadership training to prepare our students to be job ready-day one.

Contact: Sheila Hyde, 214-860-2209; Swee Goh, 214-860-2203

Social Games Club

To play and understand the videogame industry.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015

Sonography Club

To provide opportunities for academic, cultural, social and recreational experiences through group programs and activities for sonography students and faculty.

Contact: Lynn Schluns, 972-860-5053; Pam Crawford, 972-860-5055


Expose students interested in STEM subjects to career/transfer pathways, internship, scholarship and fellowship.

Contact: Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707

Student American Dental Hygienist Association (SADHA)

To develop professional responsibility as it pertains to the dental hygiene profession and promote oral health through community service and fundraising projects.

Contact: Sheila Vandenbush, 214-860-2301; Donna Wicker, 214-860-2308

Student Government Association (SGA)

Promote the development of students' skills in leadership, program organization, promotion, communication, initiative, and self-reliance. Learn more about Student Government Association (SGA).

Contact: Shaneé Moore, 214-860-2138

Student Nursing Association

To involve nursing students in the student organizations and give out information regarding nursing.

Contact: Carol Johns, 214-860-972-860-5026; Patty Melton, 972-860-5035

Writing Club

To inspire, motive and share creative ideas writing ideas.

Contact: Kathleen Woodhouse, 214-860-2039

Visual Arts Club

To foster continued interest in the visual art through guest speakers, workshops and field trips.

Contact: Jill Foltz, 214-860-2434; Omar Hernandez, 214-860-2456