Important Business Affairs Board Agenda Items & Other Responsibilities

Presentation of Monthly Budget Report Monthly
Engagement Letter Approval for External Auditors June
Tax and Budget Calendar Adoption July
Publication of Effective and Rollback
Tax rates (Non-Board Agenda item)
Presentation of the Proposed Budgets for the
next budget year and Date for Public
Hearing on the Adoption of the next fiscal year's budget
Proposal to Raise Tax Revenues (as necessary) August
Tax Increase Public Hearing (as necessary) August
Tax Rate Adoption September
Budget Hearing and Budget Adoption September
Distribution of New Budget Book to State Agencies September
Publication of Unaudited Financial Statements October
Adoption of the Year End Audit Report December
Distribution of Year End Audit Report to State,
Accreditation and Credit Agencies
Approval of CE Tuition Schedules September, December, March and June
Fall Budget Revision Approvals December
Spring Budget Revision Approvals April


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