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Dallas County Community College District  
Business Procedures Manual: Inventory of Fixed Assets
Inventory of Fixed Assets - All sections
Introduction 11.0.0
The Fixed Asset System 11.1.0
Administrative Responsibilities 11.2.0
Maintaining Fixed Asset Records 11.3.0
Annual Fixed Asset Inspection 11.4.0
Theft or Loss of Fixed Assets 11.5.0
Disposition of Excess/Damaged Fixed Assets 11.6.0
Fixed Assets Scheduled for Auction 11.7.0
Cannibalized/Discarded Fixed Assets 11.8.0
Fixed Assets Scheduled for Sale via Sealed Bid 11.9.0
Fixed Assets Scheduled for Trade-In 11.10.0
Transfer of Accountable Equipment 11.11.0
Off Premises Use of District Equipment 11.12.0
Surplus and Salvage Property Disposal Procedure 11.13.0