The purpose of this annex is to outline the organization, operational concepts, responsibilities and procedures to disseminate timely and accurate warnings to DCCCD senior management, students, employees, the public and government officials in the event of an impending emergency situation.

Concept of Operations

The primary objective of our warning system is to notify key stakeholders of emergency situations and disseminate timely and accurate warnings and instructions to the population at risk from the threat or occurrence of an emergency situation. Rapid dissemination and delivery of warning information and instructions may provide time for the DCCCD community to take action to protect themselves and their property.

The focal point of the warning function is the Local Warning Point, which operates around the clock. The district’s Central Police Dispatch Center is responsible for operating the Local Warning Point and coordinating operation of the local warning system. DCCCD may receive warning of actual emergency situations or the threat of such situations from the following:

  • National and state warning systems
  • National Weather Service weather products
  • Emergency alert system
  • State government
  • Local officials
  • Business and industry
  • Citizen warning
  • DCCCD students, employees or guests