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Planning Your Spring Schedule? Check Out These Classes

This article appeared in a December 2017 issue of the student newsletter.

With Spring Term starting next month, everyone is busy signing up for classes. Good news is, there is plenty to choose from! In fact, there are lots of new classes that have been added to the mix. 

View Spring 2018 Classes. 

You can also browse below for a few faculty recommendations! Explore classes for:

Evening Classes at El Centro

Are you a night owl? Do you prefer to take evening classes to fit your life schedule (or your body's natural rhythm)?

There is a new evening program just for you at El Centro College. It's called "Sprint to Finish" and allows you to quickly complete your core requirements before transferring to a four-year school.

The Sprint to Finish brochure (PDF – 2.3MB) has all the details, but here are some key points:

  • Evening program 
  • Guaranteed to transfer
  • 8 week long classes (fast-track)
  • 50% online and 50% in classroom (hybrid) 
  • Offered at El Centro College's West Campus

You can also view "Night Classes" at other colleges of the DCCCD. When you view Spring 2018 Classes, you'll notice night classes are listed in shaded grey color.

Lit paper lanterns are displayed at the Dallas Convention Center to represent the seven colleges. 

Plan Parties, Meeting and Events at Richland

There is both an art and a science to managing events and meetings. There are also lots of career opportunities! It begins by building skills in hospitality, exhibition and event management. 

Sound like something you'd be interested in exploring? Explore your options with introductory classes available in:

Solve Digital Crimes at Richland

Ever had your identity stolen? Facebook account hacked? Files lost? 

With the continued rise of technology, cybercrimes are becoming more and more common. Everything from our phones to our cars now take orders from software code that can be manipulated. 

Thankfully, cyber security is fighting technology with technology – collecting, analyzing and presenting information while documenting a chain of custody. You can learn about the tools for forensic analysis of digital devices involved in a cybercrime(s) with ITDF 1400, Introduction to Digital Forensics. Who knows, soon cyber security may be more than a hot conversation topic. It could be your job.

Dance for College Credit at Eastfield

Want to get strong, flexible and sweaty while also scoring college credit? Enroll in a dance class! 

For example, dance at Eastfield College. You can train with Claire Augustine in jazz (DANC 1147/1148), ballet (DANC 1341/1342) and modern (DANC 1345/1346) on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Or, for our Tuesday and Thursday folks, train with Jamie Perrin in hip-hop (DANC 2289) and dance appreciation (DANC 2303) during the day and Yeajean Choi in body conditioning (DANC 1141) or modern (DANC 1345/1346) at night. 

And of course, don't forget Saturday morning ballet with Kiera Amison (DANC 1341/1342). It's the perfect start for any athlete's weekend plans!

One of Eric Eley’s many sculptures. He currently teaches Design Foundations at Eastfield College.

Make Art at Eastfield 

It took a while for humans to discover the earth was not flat.  It is round, extending in multiple dimensions. It has width and length and depth. 

The fun thing about art is we get to play with those dimensions. In fact, at Eastfield College there is a whole learning community exploring 2D and 3D design! It's a new and innovative program called "Design Foundations" taught by visual artists Eric Eley and David Willburn. In 16 weeks, you can take two classes and learn about studio art practices:  ARTS 1311-43001 and ARTS 1312-43001. 

Explore Art at El Centro

Have you ever visited an art museum, looked an exhibit and wondered, "Wait, why is that art?" For instance, you see something like Dunchamp's Fountain (urinals) on display. Which is very different from Michelangelo's David. 

There are answers to these big questions in art history. In fact, Art History II at El Centro is exploring these exact questions. Join the discussion (urinal art included!) in ARTS 1304-53001, on Tuesdays and Thursdays this spring from 3:30-4:50 p.m.

Weekender? Find Classes to Fit Your Schedule

Have some free time on the weekends? Tackle a class or two! There are hundreds to choose from in the Spring 2018 class schedule. Simply view all the "Weekend Classes." 

For example, at North Lake College alone you'll find more than two dozen options for weekend classes this spring. Classes like drawing, computer programming, college algebra, sculpture, psychology, biology, physics and logistics. 

Still unsure about spending your Saturday or Sundays at college? Check out the benefits of weekend classes, courtesy of the North Lake College Blog.

Take the Best Photos of Your Life

This photo by student Jubenal Aguilar won First Place in the ACP/CMA Dallas Photo Shoot-out this October.

The colleges of DCCCD offer some amazing photography classes. In fact, some schools even provide you with the camera! 

One photography class to definitely ad to your 2018 bucket list: news photography. Offered at Brookhaven, Eastfield, North Lake and Richland, all four colleges have excellent student newspapers you could submit your class assignments to for publication. Just look for COMM 1316 in the Spring 2018 class schedule. Then get ready to explore the problems and practices of photography for newspapers. You'll get training in operating and maintaining your camera and equipment, film and plate developing, and digital and print media.

Go on, take the best photos of your life!

Star Gaze at Mountain View

Lots of students are excited about the new Star Wars release this week (and so are we)! It's fun to watch Luke Skywalker on his adventures through space. And while most of the movie is fiction, the idea that there is a big universe outside our solar system is not.

Explore galaxies far, far away in PHYS 1403. You'll discuss stars, black holes, galaxies, stellar evolution and all the wonderful phenomena in the universe. The laboratory includes outdoor viewing sessions and the use of spectra! 

Offered districtwide, Mountain View College is a popular choice for PHYS 1403. Like Brookhaven College, they are known for their star gazing parties! Wherever you decide to attend class  on a campus or online – there are lots of amazing star-gazing apps you can download over the winter break to start exploring.

Make Music at Cedar Valley

Commercial music student Aida Hardy wants to be a producer and a performer. When it comes to music, she says, she loves it all.

Music lover? Turn your musical passion into musical skills at Cedar Valley College. Their commercial music program is one of the best in Texas! You can focus on recording technology (like Aida, pictured left), performance, music business or composition and digital production.

If you go the route of recording technology, MUSC 1327 is an awesome class. You get the whole overview of a recording studio. This includes your basic studio electronics and acoustic principles, microphone placement techniques, mixing and editing, multi-track operation ... really all you need to know to start training as an audio engineer.

Or maybe you are more interested in writing songs? 

Perhaps you like to rap and want to make your own beats? Or maybe you prefer another genre of commercial music like rock, pop, or electronic dance music (EDM)? Cedar Valley has that too. In fact, they're offering a new music production class (Synthesis I) on Monday evenings this spring! You can master Apple Logic Pro software to make beats and songs that are "radio ready" as well as learning to score music to film. You'll learn from Grammy-nominated faculty member Dr. Mike Bogle.

Watch this YouTube video for a peek into the Commercial Music program.