Don't Miss Official Emails: Update Your Record

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

How can you be sure you don’t miss official emails from your college and DCCCD? By making sure we have your current personal email address.

If the email address, or the phone number, we have on record for you has changed recently, it’s easy to let us know. Here’s how:

Important: Please provide us with your current personal email address. (We already have your DCCCD email address.) 

Home address changes must be made at your college’s Admissions/Registrar’s Office.

Another Way We Contact You: My Messages

Be doubly sure you get official email communications from your college and DCCCD: Check the My Messages screen in eConnect. We send a copy of all official email messages to My Messages.

To navigate to My Messages, sign in to
eConnect. Then, select My Messages (located in the My Personal Information section).