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eList Category Descriptions

Following are examples of the kinds of information you might receive if you subscribe to a particular eList category:

Academic advisement - When is registration? What are registration hours? When is early advisement? What degree plans are available? What courses are available? What new programs are available? What is self-advisement? Who is eligible? Which courses transfer to another institution?

Athletics - What sports are available? Who can play? How do I sign up for sports? What are the game schedules?

Band - What opportunities are available? What is the schedule of performances?

Career planning and advisement - What kinds of career assessment and counseling are available? How do I get a job? How can I improve my resume writing and interviewing techniques? How do I keep a job? Where can I get help in selecting a career and developing a career path?

Child care - Is child care available through Dallas County Community College District? How do I find the best child care? Are there any special services for single parents? Are there any discount programs for child care?

Choir - What programs are available? Who can participate? How do I sign up? What are the concert schedules?

College newspaper - How do I subscribe to the online version? How do I get a job with the newspaper?

College special events - What's happening on campus? Where can I get a comprehensive schedule of this semester's special events and reminders throughout the semester?

Dance, Drill team, Cheerleading
- How do I participate? What is the schedule of events?

Disability services
- What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? How do I get special modifications or accommodations? When and where are disability awareness events?

Distance learning courses - What kinds of distance learning programs are available? What courses are available? Who is the best candidate for distance learning? What does it take to be successful in a distance learning program?

- What opportunities are available? What is the schedule of performances?

Employment assistance
 - Where can I get help in finding a job right now? What job openings are available?

Financial aid
- What scholarships, grants and loans are available? What work/study programs are available? Where can I get tips and advice on filling out the FAFSA?

Health services
- Where is the Health Center? What services does it provide? What is the wellness program? Where can I get information on immunizations, substance abuse and health-related events and activities?

Honors programs
 - What is the Honors program? Who can participate? What benefits do honors classes provide? What is the difference between scheduled honors courses and honors options? Where can I get updates on honors programs?

International/Study abroad
- What programs are available for international students? What study abroad courses are offered?

Library research skills
- I want to make an "A" on my next research paper. Where can I get instruction and tips on how to use DCCC's library resources?

Math skills
- What workshops, tutoring, tools and developmental classes do you have to help me improve my math skills?

Reading skills
- What workshops, tutoring, tools and developmental classes do you have to help me improve my reading skills?

Returning adults - I've been out of school for more than one year. Where can I learn about tips, tools and events that will help ease me back into the swing of things?

Service Learning opportunities - Service Learning looks good on your resume, but more importantly, it helps humankind. Where can I learn about programs that give me credit for volunteer experience?
Stress management - Where can I learn how to manage multiple responsibilities and roles without getting "stressed out?" What tips and tools are available to teach me how to relax in a stress-filled world? What stress management programs are offered?

Student clubs/Programs/Campus life - When and where can I hear special speakers, see live performances or participate in a club or organization with like-minded people? 

Student health insurance - What information is available about student health insurance?

Tutoring - When and where is tutoring offered? How much does it cost? (Most DCCC tutoring is free, but you can hire a private tutor for a small cost.) Where is the Learning Center, and what services does it offer?

Volunteer opportunities - What volunteer opportunities at the college and in the community can I participate in that will give me valuable exposure to careers I am considering?

Writing skills - What workshops, tutoring, tools and developmental classes do you have to help me improve my writing skills?