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University of North Texas - Peace Studies

Richland College-University of North Texas
Agreement for the Transfer of AA Degree
To be applied towards a Minor or Certificate or Concentration in Peace Studies

The Political Science Department of the University of North Texas and the World Languages, Cultures and Communications Division at Richland College will offer a collaborative arrangement in which community college courses at Richland College will be applied towards the undergraduate curriculum in peace studies at UNT.  The DCCCD common core curriculum (42 hours) and four specific courses (12 hours identified below) will be transferred to meet in part the requirements for the UNT peace studies concentration.  (

The four Richland College courses (12 hours) meet the UNT requirement for at least one course from each area as identified below:

UNT Course Areas

Richland College Courses

Determinants of Violence

CUST 2370* Cultural Studies

This interdisciplinary and cross-cultural course studies human thought and relationships by exploring issues of nationality, religion, ethnicity, class, and/or gender within social, artistic, political, and/or historical cultural contexts. The course develops ethical and critical reasoning.

*CUST 2370 may be used only when the theme focuses on the root causes of violence and strategies for peacemaking

Conflict Management

SOCI 2373 Introduction to Mediation

This course defines the process of mediation, its history and development, and examines theories of conflict resolution and negotiation. Explores the use of mediation in domestic, commercial, educational, and other settings. Within each of these contexts, laws, ethics, gender considerations, psychology, sociology, and cultural diversity will be explored.

SOCI 2372 Communication and Negotiation Skills for Conflict Resolution

This course teaches how to recognize negative communication styles and the technique necessary to break impasses, and create options or agreement; skills include how to build an atmosphere that fosters negotiation and how to mediate "win-win" solutions. 

Issues of Justice

PHIL 2306 Ethics

Consideration of what constitutes a good and a moral life. Using classical and contemporary theories, students will weigh such ingredients as pleasure, duty, power, and love as they apply to current issues of daily living. Students may consider ethical problems in business, law, and medicine. 

Richland College students who transfer and wish to obtain the UNT Interdisciplinary Degree in International Studies must complete at least 12 hours of courses in Peace Studies (specified above) and a least 6 hours of upper lever courses in Peace Studies at UNT yielding a minor of 18 hours of courses in Peace Studies.  Students must complete PSCI 3500 Introduction to Peace Studies, and at least one additional upper lever peace studies course at UNT, and the four courses listed above, to receive a concentration in Peace Studies.

Students interested in transferring to UNT are encouraged to communicate directly with the Director of the UNT Peace Studies Program.

In addition to the agreement listed herein, both institutions agree to comply with the general Articulation Agreement established between the Dallas County Community College District and the University of North Texas.

This agreement replaces the former articulation agreement, dated December 1, 2005.

Agreed to this day, ________________, 2011:


Dr. David Mason
Johnie Christian Family Peace Professor
University of North Texas

Jean B. Schaake
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Arts and Sciences
University of North Texas
Dr. Kay Eggleston
Interim President
Richland College
Dallas County Community College District