The University of North Texas is an Eight-Star Transfer Partner with Dallas County Community College District. Its transfer process meets or exceeds all but two important criteria important to a successful transfer experience.

  • Your DCCCD associate degree qualifies you for automatic admission as “core complete.”
  • Even without an associate degree, 60 DCCCD college credit hours will accepted.  Be sure to work with an academic advisor to ensure that you take courses that apply toward your bachelor’s degree.
  • The catalog in effect at the time you enter a DCCCD college will be honored by UNT ensuring that the course pattern you follow will be carry through from DCCCD to UNT.
  • Courses you take on campus, online, through dual credit enrollment or early college high school will be honored.
  • You do not need to enroll in any additional general education courses beyond 60 credit hours.
  • If you are planning to transfer to a program such as engineering or nursing where enrollment is limited, UNT makes the selection criteria readily available to you and provides equal access to all students to programs with limited enrollment.
  • Specific information about DCCCD transfer students is available on the UTA website.
  • Student transfer stats are available to you so that you can see how DCCCD students fare upon transferring to UTA. 
    • 98% of DCCCD students who transfer to UTA do as well or better in their junior and senior years as those students who start UTA as a freshman.
    • 95% of DCCCD transfer students who enroll in full-time studies complete their bachelor’s degree in four years.

UNT fails to meet two important criteria:
  • Specific information about DCCCD transfer students is not available on the UTA website.
  • There is no clear review/appeal process for students who have issues with the transfer process.