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Journey to Success: Success Stories

The Journey to Success program has helped many students overcome obstacles. Here are two examples:

Staying Motivated, With a Little Help

A female student did not receive her high school diploma because she couldn’t pass the TAAS math exit test. She was afraid to take the GED test and felt like a failure because she didn’t complete high school.

After learning about Journey to Success, she asked to be assigned to work with a success coach. She had enrolled in DMAT (Developmental Math) three times and felt hopeless and depressed. She needed someone to encourage her and help to keep her motivated.

It turned out to be a great joy to work with this student. I connected her to tutoring in the Richland College Center for Success in Math. I also connected her to a counselor, because she and her mom had been evicted from their apartment.

 I met with her almost weekly for two years. It took more than a year for her to get through developmental math and then another year to complete college algebra, but she did it. She was able to re-take the TAAS test and has now earned her high school diploma. 

Success Coach, Richland College

 Making Major Decisions

A student didn't know what to major in and what schools to consider for his interest in meteorology.  I helped him with many resources, including schools in-state and out-of-state, majors needed and how to use Career Services to learn job trends and to discover which universities matched his needs. 

I also recommended personal counseling, since he was getting overwhelmed with work, school and planning.   
He was able to get a good feel on how to proceed and developed more confidence.   

He was very thankful and said he had no idea all these resources were available. He was appreciative of the encouragement and of the reminders to take one day at a time.

Success Coach, Richland College