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Journey to Success

Journey to Success helps students of the colleges of DCCCD identify and overcome obstacles they are facing during the pursuit of their academic and career goals. It was developed by DCCCD’s Office of Workforce Education in collaboration with a task force of representatives from all nine locations (seven colleges, District Service Center and the LeCroy Center) to improve student retention.

The program is available to all credit students who need help and guidance to achieve their goals at these colleges of DCCCD:

Specially trained coordinators, success coaches and faculty members at the colleges volunteer their time to take part in Journey to Success.

How Does It Work?

Journey to Success uses Datatel’s Retention Alert software module to pair identified students with success coaches. The Retention Alert module also enables authorized college personnel to track the interactions between the students and their success coaches so we learn which interventions are most successful.

Faculty members taking part in the program “open a case” for a student using the Faculty menu in eConnect. The system assigns a success coach based on criteria developed by the college. The success coach then works with the student to help them through difficulties they might be having that affect their success in school.

Participating colleges have a Journey to Success coordinator, who oversees the program at that college. Only authorized personnel are able to monitor student progress through Datatel's Retention Alert system. Student privacy is protected, and all reports comply with FERPA rules.

What Do Success Coaches Do?

The Journey to Success program is not intended to replace the very important work of faculty in the classroom or the tutoring available at the colleges. Instead, it addresses those areas that are beyond the scope of instructional work with the student.

For example, an instructor might realize that a student needs time management or improved reading skills to be more successful in class. The faculty member would then recommend that student for the Journey to Success program. Even if not referred, students may self-refer to participate in the program.

The success coach who is assigned to the case can then provide the additional information, assistance, coaching or advice the student needs. The faculty member will continue to work with the student on course-related issues, and the success coach will work with the student to help him/her acquire important life skills that will provide the foundation needed to be successful in school and ultimately in life after graduation.


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Resources for Success Coaches, Coordinators and Faculty

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