Video: Update Student Information Profile

Video Transcript:

Welcome to eConnect Training for Students. 

This video will cover updating your student information profile in eConnect. We'll start from the eConnect Main Menu. 

Type in your web browser and press the Enter key. 

We'll need to go to the Student Menu to update your Student Information Profile. 

Click the Credit Student Menu option on the button bar or the Current Credit Students Menu link on the eConnect Main Menu screen. 

Click the Log In link to log into eConnect. 

Log in using your student ID and password before clicking Submit. 

Click the Student Information Profile link in the My Personal Information section. 

Answer the questions in your profile by selecting the appropriate checkboxes that most accurately answer profile questions before clicking Submit. 

If you do not complete all checkboxes, a message will appear asking you to complete the next unanswered question. 

Clicking Submit when all questions have been answered on Part 1 of 5 will advance you on to all consecutive screens until Part 5 of 5 has been completed. 

Upon completion of your Student Information Profile, you will be prompted to confirm your email address. 

Enter your email address in the Confirm Email Address field before clicking Submit. 

You will then be on the final section of the Student Information Profile which displays your address, phone and emergency contact information. 

Review and update your information as needed. 

You also have the option of marking your directory information as private and marking a Yes or No checkbox. 

When finished with this screen, click Submit. 

At this time you will see the following screen showing you have completed your Student Information Profile. 

This concludes our video on the Student Information Profile.