Accessing Safe Assign Comments


eCampus Training Topic: Using SafeAssign (A plagiarism prevention service by Blackboard). 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: Know how to use SafeAssign. 

How to view a student's SA report (from the student's view). Student submissions and the SafeAssign report associated with submissions are viewable by accessing the SafeAssignment using the View/Complete link after submitting their paper. 

Note: the SafeAssign Report (the SA Report) associated with submissions are only available if allowed by the instructor. 

To view your SafeAssign Report, select the content area the assignment is located in. 

Select SafeAssign. 

Select View Originality Report. 

Suspected Sources: this section lists the sources that have text that matches the text of the submitted paper. 

It is where you check your work for matching text. 

This section lists URLs or web links for all sources found to match your document. 

The suspected text will be highlighted. 

Select the suspected text. 

Compare the Uploaded work to the suspected Source. 

Close Panel to remove the Suspected Entry. 

This is an example of a View SafeAssignment page, where SafeAssign has been integrated into the Assignment. 

From My Grades, select the graded Assignment.