Print a Receipt in eConnect


Any Dallas College ​student who has registered for credit classes via eConnect can also print a receipt from eConnect.

To print a receipt navigate to the eConnect main menu page, click Log In in the upper right on the log in page.

Log into eConnect using your seven digit student ID number and your password, which is case sensitive.

Now select the Submit button to log in. 

The eConnect Current Credit Student menu page displays. 

Now select the Print My Receipt link located on the Payment and Disbursement section. 

The Print My Receipt window displays. 

From the print My Receipt window select the term from the drop down list click the submit button the My Receipt window displays. 

To print the receipt, click the Print My Receipt button select the printer.

If need be, then click the Print button to send the receipt to the printer.

To exit or close out of the My Receipt window you can use the student menu button to return back to the student menu or select the Logout button to close and exit out of eConnect.