Create a Payment Plan


A pay plan allows credits students to make a down payment on their tuition and pay the remainder in installments.

Pay Plans are only available for credit classes during the spring and fall terms. 

You may set up a pay plan online through eConnect.

After watching this video you should be able to use eConnect to create and set up a payment plan.

To set up a payment plan, navigate to the eConnect main menu page. 

Click Log In in the upper right. 

On the log in page log into eConnect using your seven digit student ID number and your password which is case sensitive. 

Now select the submit button to log in. 

The eConnect Current Credit Students Menu page displays. 

Now select the "Setup/Update My Pay Plan" link which is located under the Payment and Disbursements section. 

The make a payment window displays. 

From the make a payment window, select the check box next to the option that says, "Set up a new pay plan and pay the down payment."

Click the submit button. 

The Payment Class Selection page displays. 

All classes that are available for setup on a pay plan have been selected. 

Select a location for your pay plan. 

Deselect any classes you do not wish to add to your pay plan. 

Now select the Submit button. The Payment Plan Agreement page displays. 

Please read the agreement plan thoroughly. 

You must accept the terms of the agreement in order to setup your pay plan. 

Select the agree button. 

Now select the Submit button. 

The "Make A Payment" page displays. 

The amount to be paid is shown. 

Enter the amount to pay. 

Select a payment type. 

Now select the Submit button to process the payment. 

The "Processing My Credit Card Payment” page displays. 

Select the Continue button to enter your credit card information at the DCCCD secure payment website. 

All fields marked with a red asterisk are required. 

Important things to remember: The credit card numbers should be entered without spaces or dashes. 

The Card Security Code is a three or four digit number located on the back of the card. 

Information entered on this screen must match that of the cardholder, including billing address. 

Failure to provide matching information can result in a denial of transaction. 

Now click the Submit button to process the transaction. 

A receipt can be printed when the transaction has been processed.