Video: Log in to eConnect and eConnect Overview

Video Transcript:

Welcome to eConnect Training for Students. 

This video will cover logging in to eConnect as well as provide an overview of eConnect features. 

We'll start from the eConnect Main Menu. 

Type in your web browser and press the Enter key. 

From the eConnect Main Menu, click the Credit Student Menu option on the button bar or the Current Credit Student Menu link on the eConnect Main Menu screen. 

If you are new to eConnect, you will need to set up your account before you are able to log in. 

To start the account setup process, you must know your student/employee ID number. 

Your eConnect student/employee ID is the seven-digit identification number that you are assigned once your application to attend classes within the district has been processed. 

To find your eConnect Student Log In ID, you can use the Get My Student/Employee ID form located in the My eConnect Account section of the Credit Student Menu. 

In the Get My Student/Employee ID window, enter your last name in the Last Name field. 

Enter your birth date in two-digit month, day and year format. 

For example, January 1st, 1990 would be entered as 010190. Enter your nine-digit Social Security Number, without dashes, in the SSN field and click Submit. 

You should now see your student ID number on the Results screen. 

Please note, this option will only provide your student ID number if you have submitted your Social Security Number on your admission application. 

Your eConnect student/log in ID can also be found on your paid registration receipt, the back of your student ID card from some campuses, your DCCCD transcript, and your advising report. 

Please note, if you receive an error message saying, "Our records indicate that you do not have a student record on file," please contact the Admissions/Registrar Office at your preferred location. 

Once you have your login ID, you will need to return to the Student Menu to log in to eConnect. 

From the Results screen, click the Student Menu button. 

Click the Log In link to log in to eConnect. 

Enter your Student ID in the Student/Employee ID field. 

If you know your password, enter it in the Password field. 

If you do not know your password, leave the Password field blank and click the Show My Password hint checkbox before clicking Submit. 

You should then see your password hint to remind you of your password. 

Once you know your password enter your student ID and password in the appropriate fields and click Submit. 

The following sections of the Credit Student Menu provide access to information regarding online registration, financial aid, payment and disbursements, personal information and My eConnect. 

This concludes our video on logging in to eConnect and eConnect overview.