Blackboard Discussions


Discussions enable you to share ideas and files anytime, anywhere. 

This tutorial shows how to access discussions, manage posts, and reply to them. 

Access discussions by clicking a link in a content area or in the course menu. 

A discussion board contains several forums created by the course instructor to organize conversation topics. 

Within each forum instructors and students, if they're allowed, create threads. 

A thread includes an original post and all of its replies. 

The main discussion board page provides a global view of of all forums. 

You can search for posts, see how many posts are in each forum, and jump to a collection of unread posts. 

Select a forum to view its threads. 

On the forum page, you can change how threads are displayed. 

To start interacting, you can create a new thread, which means you create the first post for others to reply to. 

Students do not see this button if the instructor has not allowed student thread creation for this forum. 

Alternatively, click an existing thread's title to view its posts and reply to them. You can expand or collapse all posts. 

If you like to start with all posts collapsed, you can expand them one at a time. Point just below a post's subject line and click Expand. 

When you point to the thread page, the Search and Refresh buttons appear at the top. 

You'll want to refresh the thread page to see posts that were submitted since you accessed the page. 

The number of posts displays at the top of the thread. 

Clicking the unread number displays only unread posts. Expanded posts are marked as read automatically as you scroll down the page. 

Click the indicator to manually change the post's status. 

You can also flag posts that you want to review again later or mark as important. 

To perform actions on a group of posts, select the checkboxes, and choose from the Message Actions menu at the top of the page. 

You can mark as read, flag, or collect posts to view them on one page and then filter or print the list. 

When you point to a post, the reply, quote, and email author functions appear. 

For instructors, the edit and delete functions are also available. 

Students can edit or delete their own posts only if the instructor has enabled those settings. 

Click Reply to contribute to the discussion. 

The content editor enables you to format text, embed media, and attach files. 

A reply to the initial post appears at the bottom of the list. 

If you reply to a subsequent post, your post appears indented beneath the message you are replying to. 

Point to the age of the post to view its creation date and its number of views. 

If the instructor enabled the rating feature for the forum, you can see the average rating for a post. 

When you point to the rating area it changes to show Your Rating. 

You can also give the post a new rating. Let's review. 

After accessing discussions, you choose a forum. 

Within the forum, you can create a thread or choose an existing thread and start interacting and replying. 

You can manage thread posts by refreshing your view, expanding or collapsing, marking as read, and flagging them.