Collaborate Ultra Overview

Video Transcript:

eCampus Training. Topic: Blackboard Collaborate Interface Overview. 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: Know the different components of The Blackboard Collaborate session Interface. 

This is the student’s/participant’s view of the Blackboard Collaborate Room Interface. 

Note: The Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing room consists of six main components: The Menu Bar, The Audio and Video Panel, The Participants Panel, The Chat Panel, The Collaborate Tool Bar, The Content Area. 

The Menu Bar contains the File, Edit, View, Tools, Windows and Help menus. 

The Audio and Video panel can enable conversation with or without video. 

The Participant’s panel provides a list of all Participants and Moderators in the session. 

Their permissions for activities are represented with the following indicators: Talk Video Chat Whiteboard Application Sharing Web Tour The Participants status area shows global permissions for Collaborate activities.

Icons with a red X indicates an activity as unavailable. 

If you do not see the Participants status area, select the Participants option menu. 

Then select Show My Permissions. 

Blue indicators show activity. For example, this participant has turned on the microphone. 

The Participants toolbar. 

The Participants toolbar contains four buttons to communicate non verbally. 

Enter feedback. 

Step away from the session. 

Raise your hand. 

Select a polling response. 

Use Chat to send text messages to other participants and the moderator during the session. 

Public chats will show messages to everyone in the room. 

To send a private message, click on the option menu next to the participant’s name. 

Select Send Private Chat.

Enter a message.

Note: Although private chats cannot be seen by other participants, the moderator can view and save private chats.

To end a private chat, mouse over the people/person icon until it changes into an X.

Click on the X to close the conversation tab.

The Collaboration toolbar.

The Collaboration Toolbar contains three buttons for switching between the three content modes: Whiteboard, for sharing presentations and drawings; Application Sharing, for sharing individual applications or an entire desktop; Web Tour, for sharing web pages.

The Content area.

The Content area allows information and idea exchange through three different features found in the Collaboration toolbar.

Participants, if they have permission, can interact inside the Content Area.