Blackboard Collaborate: Getting Started


eCampus Training. Topic — Blackboard Collaborate: Getting Started. 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: How to access Blackboard Collaborate. 

Blackboard Collaborate allows instructors and students to instantly chat with each other using text, audio or video. 

Students and instructors can also share applications on their desktops with each other. 

Note: To prepare for a session, find a comfortable place with no distractions. 

Be sure to join the session five to 10 minutes prior to the start to run Audio Setup Wizard. 

Remember that running other applications on your computer can slow your connection. 

Log in to eCampus and select a course. 

Select the Tools link. 

Select Blackboard Collaborate. 

Select the Blackboard Collaborate session. 

On the Blackboard Collaborate page, select Join Room. 

Blackboard Collaborate prompts you to download the launcher installer. 

If you have not installed the launcher, you will have to select session Download Launcher. 

The popup window will prompt you to install the Launcher. 

Do not click OK until after you installed the launcher. 

Select Save File. Navigate to the folder the file was downloaded and open it. 

The file will be named BlackboardCollaborateLauncher-Win.msi. 

Select Next to start the Setup Wizard. 

Select Install. 

Once the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is installed, select Finish to close the setup Wizard. 

Select OK to confirm that you installed the Launcher. 

Select Open With. 

Select OK. 

Select Run. 

Select Accept. 

The first time you join a session, the Select Connection Speed dialog box will appear prompting you to select a connection speed. 

After you exit the session, the connection speed is automatically saved with the preferences. 

Use the Audio Setup Wizard to test your microphone and speakers. 

Note: When you are using the Audio Setup Wizard during a session, you will not be able to hear any of the session Audio. 

Others will know you can’t hear them because the Audio Setup Wizard icon will appear next to your name in the Participants list. 

From the Audio Output Device, choose the device that will play the session Audio e.g. headset. 

Click OK. 

Click Play. 

Adjust the volume slider so you can clearly hear the pre-recorded message. 

Click Stop. 

Click Yes to confirm you were able to hear the audio. 

If you were not able to hear the audio, click No and repeat the previous step. 

Select device. 

Click Ok. 

Click Record and speak into your microphone with your normal voice. 

Adjust the microphone slider so it displays green and the occasional yellow. 

Red indicates that your audio is too loud or your microphone is too close to mouth.

Click Stop to end recording. 

Click Play and confirm you can hear your recorded voice. 

Click Stop to end recording. You can reconfigure the speaker setup by clicking No. 

Otherwise you are ready to participate in the audio portion of the session. 

Audio Wizard Setup for a Mac The Audio Setup Wizard is slightly different on a Mac, but still offers step by step instructions to set up audio and microphone.