Self and Peer Assessment


eCampus Training Topic: Self and Peer Assessment submissions and Peer evaluations. 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: How to submit work for Peer Assessment and submit Peer evaluations. 

In this example we are going to view how to complete a self and peer assessment. 

Note: There are two parts to the assessment, students must upload or write a submission and then complete a peer review. 

Select the Content Area where the Self and Peer assessment is located, e.g. Content. 

Scroll down.

Along with the instructions for the assessment there are two dates or submission and evaluation.

To submit a document for evaluation select View/Complete assessment. 

Scroll down. 

Select Question to submit work. 

Scroll down. 

To upload a file, select Browse My Computer. 

Double click mouse to upload file. 

File is now uploaded. 

To delete an unwanted file, select Do not attach. 

Select Submit. 

We are now back at the Self and Peer assessment page. 

If there is more than one question, continue to upload submissions. 

Select OK. 

Note: Evaluations can be reviewed and downloaded at any time after the evaluation period begins. 

To submit an evaluation, select View Complete Assessment. 

Scroll down.

Select from the list of participants to start evaluations.

If the instructor has provided an example of an Evaluation, it will appear in Model Response. 

Select the document for evaluation once the Microsoft Word window opens then you can scroll down and view the file once you have viewed the file you will need to close it. 

Select the close button. 

Provide feedback as required. 

Enter Points possible. 

Select save and next criteria. 

Select save and Submit to finish Evaluation. 

Evaluation had been successfully submitted. 

Total points earned for each Criteria. 

Evaluations can be revised until the End Date. 

To finish Evaluations, select OK.