Graduation Information

​​Dallas College awards degrees and certificates every Fall,​ Spring and Summer semester. Each spring, a graduation ceremony is held to honor the achievements of completed and potential graduates.

We have seven schools of instruction and will be hosting a graduation ceremony for each school. The school your program of study or transfer program is in will determine which graduation ceremony you will attend.

If you are unsure which school your program is in, you can browse or search our credit program degrees and certificates and​ find its associated school.

1. Meet With Your Advisor

Verify you are completing your degree or certificate requirements and are ready to graduate by contacting Academic Advising.

2. Apply to Graduate

Submit your graduation application before the end of the semester in which you are completing the final requirements for your degree or certificate. To attend the spring graduation ceremony, applications must be received by April 5.

Complete Graduation Application

3. RSVP for the Graduation Ceremony

Eligible students will receive an invitation by email in April to participate in the graduation ceremony. See the Graduation Ceremony page for more information.

4. Complete and Celebrate

Spring and summer graduates must complete their remaining classes, submit any missing documentation and pay outstanding balances to receive their diploma or certificate. Follow the Graduation Ceremony page at for more information.


Alumni Information

The Dallas College Alumni Network aims to strengthen and foster the relationships between Dallas College and its alumni by developing engagement opportunities for the lifelong professional growth of its members. A Dallas College alumnus or alumna is anyone having obtained a degree, certification or completed 12 credit hours (but have not been enrolled for the past five years). You can also visit our Alumni website to get more information about future alumni programs and events.