TAO Connect Video Transcript

[Male Narrator] Could you use some help?
In every life there are good times, and times when we struggle.
Sometimes the struggles are more manageable while other times it can feel as if we are drowning.
Almost everyone will have times when they could use some help getting through the struggles.
For those times there's TAO.
TAO is a complete​ly private online library, of behavioral health resources.
That includes interactive modules and practice tools to help you understand and manage how you feel, think, and act.
You can learn stress management, mindfulness skills, problem solving, relationship skills, and strategies to avoid dwelling on your concerns and develop more helpful
thinking patterns and much more.
How does TAO work?
Step one, create a TAO account, all you need is your email and a password, step two, log in, then you can choose to enter a topic or concern you want to address, or use our screening instrument to explore what might be helpful.
Step three, the TAO system will suggest some sessions, practice tools and mindfulness exercises, that might be helpful.
You can choose these or ask for more options.
Step four, once you've made your selections navigate to your dashboard, all of your sessions and tools will appear there.
Click on a tool and it'll open, work through the sessions at your own pace.
As you work with your tools, the dashboard will display what is completed and what is on your to do list.
TAO also asks you to complete a progress measure each week.
This allows you to see changes in how you're feeling and how your life is going.
You'll find it really rewarding to see changes over time.
Completing the instrument can also help TAO suggest other activities you might find helpful.
Our goal at TAO is to help you to reach your goals at your pace with engaging and effective tools.
Welcome to TAO.
(gentle music)