Textbook Loans

P​rocedures for Book Loan Request

All students receiving book loans must qualify for the Working Wonders Program or Gender Equity Program and must be pursuing an AAS degree or Certificate. Working Wonders does not guarantee the availability of books requested nor are we able to loan a student ALL books needed for a semester. Books with access codes or software that can only be used once cannot be purchased. This is a supplement to assist qualified students with a portion of the books needed for a semester.

How to request a book

  • As soon as you register for a class at Richland, log into eConnect to obtain book information under the "Register for Classes" tab and click on "Buy My Books." You will need the title, author and edition for each book.
  • Return this list to the "Working Wonders" office either in person or via email at workingwonders-rlc@dcccd.edu.
  • All book requests will need at least 24 to 48 hours to process.

Note: Registration forms/class schedules do not provide book information and will not be processed properly. Student must provide title, author and edition of each book as well as course numbers for each class.**


It is the student's responsibility to check for book availability. Students may come on the scheduled book loan dates or contact our office to follow up on their requests.

New/Returning Students

  • First-time college students with no prior college history are limited to one book loan for the first semester.
  • Students with prior college but new to the program must show satisfactory academic progress (GPA 2.0 or higher) and are limited to one book for a semester.

Returning Students to Program

Students who received past book loans must show academic progress (GPA 2.0 or higher) to be eligible for additional book loans.

Note: If you are taking courses at another campus, Working Wonders will not be able to provide those textbooks unless they are also used at Richland.

Procedures for Book Loan Return

When are books due back?

  • If a student drops a class, the book is due back at the time of drop.
  • All other books are due back on the last day of class.

Note: An easy way to remember is when you take your final exam the book is due back in our office that day.

Where to return books

​Boo​ks may be returned on or before the due date either directly to Working Wonders or at the reception desk in E-082, Mon. - Thurs. between 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

What happens if books are not returned?

  • If you have books that are not returned by the due date, a block will be placed on your student record.
  • If a block is placed on your record, you will be unable to register.
  • If you registered early (before the block was placed), you will be unable to make changes (add/drop) to your schedule.
  • If you receive financial aid, it will not process until the block is removed.
  • In order to have the block removed, you must either return the original books loaned to you or purchase the books being used for that class in the most current edition.

Note: If a student identifies his/her borrowed book as being stolen a copy of the police report must be given to Working Wonders for their records.

Students with a Block

Students returning who have had a block placed for not returning borrowed books will not be eligible for book loans for one full semester after the book/books have been returned.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact our office at 972-238-6259 or 972-238-6013.