Childcare Subsidy Information

Wo​rking Wonders offers a small subsidy to qualifying students. Students receiving the child care subsidy choose for their child/children a licensed center or home care provider. Working Wonders pays a partial subsidy directly to the childcare provider. The remaining cost is the responsibility of the parent.


If you meet the following criteria, please contact us for an appointment.

  1. Must have completed a recent Working Wonders application/update form.
  2. Must be registered for the current semester (six-plus hours) and physically attend class on campus.
  3. Major must be in a Technical/Occupational Program / AAS Degree. The degree plan must be on file or filed with Working Wonders advisor.
  4. Must be one of the following: single parent, single & pregnant, displaced homemaker, economically disadvantaged, student with a disability, receive a waiver as a former foster care youth.
  5. Committed to completing the semester for which the subsidy is received.
  6. Returning students must show satisfactory academic progress (GPA 2.0 or higher).

Priority will be given to:
Full-time Technical/Occupational parents in a tech/occ (AAS Degree or Certificate see above) program.

  • Working Wonders
  • Gender Equity
  • Technical/Occupational student

When all else is equal, priority will be based on a first-come, first serve basis.


Subsidy will be a flat amount based on the following:

  • Full-time student enrollment, (which would be at least 12 hours).
  • Part-time students have a reduced amount of child care subsidy.
  • Number of children needing the subsidy.

* Subsidy is available for academic-related hours only.
** Only those courses related to your degree will be counted.
*** For those students who enroll in online courses, at least six​ hours must be physically attended on campus.