Studies in Cultural Diversity at Richland

​​​​Equity Richland/Studies in Diversity, Equity​ and Inclusion


To educate the community and to build a world in which cultural diversity, equity and inclusion is valued and social injustices are eliminated.


Equity Richland/Studies in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental community of full-time faculty, staff and administrators committed to enhancing the student learning experience utilizing diverse instructional mechanisms (i.e. core curriculum emphasis courses, lectures, seminars and forums) engaging the Richland community and raising awareness on issues of diversity, equity and inclusive excellence.

Who Are We?

An interdisciplinary and interdepartmental community of full-time faculty, staff and administrators.

Cultural Diversity Emphasis:

  • Race/Ethnicity (African-American Black Studies, Mexican-American/Latino Studies, Asian-American)
  • Global (Middle East, World Religions, International)
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Socio-economic (i.e., poverty)

What we offer Richland and Dallas College:

  1. Facilitate diversity lectures, programs, workshops and training for student leaders and the local community.
  2. Partner with the Richland Office of Student Life, Multicultural Center, Council for Community Building, Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC), Achieving the Dream (ATD) Dream Success Team (DST), TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), Office of Disabilities ​Services and Center for Integrative Learning and Teaching Innovation (CILTI).
  3. Collaborate with student organizations and the Office of Student Life, Multicultural Center and CILTI to co-sponsor community forums, panel discussions, seminars and professional development workshops on campus.

Diversity Website & Resources


Amy Bell

  • Full-​Time Faculty

Jacqueline Bryant

  • Full-Time Faculty

Kay Coder

  • Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Ambronita Douzart

  • Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Jana Flowers

  • Full-Time Faculty

Michelle Navarro

  • Full-Time Faculty

Sha-Shonda Porter

  • Associate Dean, World Languages, Communications and Cultures

Rolanda Randle, JD

  • Full-Time Faculty

Denecia Spence

  • Full-Time Faculty

Susan Barkley

  • Department Chair of Business, Marketing and Management​

Kendra Unruh

  • Full-Time Faculty

LaQueta Wright

  • Dean of History and Government, School of Law and Public Service

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Amy Bell

  • Program Coordinator

Denecia Spence, EdD

  • Program Coordinator