​​​​​IncludED on Day One

IncludED gives students* access to the learning materials they need on or before the first day of class. The best part is that it’s stress-free and effortless, and levels the playing field for students, regardless of economic background or social status.

*Early College and Dual Credit students will participate through their designated high school. Dallas College is not currently including continuing education courses.


How Does It Work?

Beginning with Fall 2020 registration, the price of most required learning materials — including textbooks, online publisher content, software, art supplies, science lab kits and even certain medical supplies — will be included with the price of tuition. Dallas College has partnered with Follett to offer learning materials for all courses offered at our campuses.

Nearly 75% of students agree that having access to their own textbook often helps them earn a better grade in a class.

With IncludED, students will have access to course materials when classes start. A vast majority (77%) of Dallas College faculty use course materials, like a textbook, during each class. As a result, it is even more important for students to have those materials on hand and be ready to use them when needed.

That’s one reason we’ve worked hard to bring this new initiative to life. With IncludED, students will have access to learning materials for each course they take, regardless of their background or financial status. If you’re taking a class, you’ll get the course materials for that class on or before the first day of class. It’s as simple as that.


What Does This Mean?

There’s no action required — you’re already IncludED when you register for classes, starting in Fall 2020! With the IncludEd program, learning materials are included in the cost of tuition. While tuition will rise from $59 per credit hour to $79 per credit hour for Dallas County residents, students will save as much as 50% on the course materials they need, allowing you to save more money in the long run. And Dallas College tuition still ranks as the most affordable higher education option for in-county residents.

We understand how valuable each dollar is to you and your family, and IncludED is all about saving you money during your college journey.


Smarter. Easier. Cheaper.  Welcome to a new age of learning at Dallas College.



A student of this institution is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a university-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

Students can use alternative sources that may or may not be less expensive, such as independent retailers, including online retailers.


Frequently Asked Questions About IncludED

How do I access my eBook materials?

Video tutorials are available to assist you:

Will IncludED help me save money?

Students may save as much as 50% on course materials with the IncludED bundle, depending on the type of content selected for a class. Since your learning materials are now bundled with the cost of tuition, students will not receive a separate book disbursement from financial aid.

The savings are real. Below are examples of how much students could save in a math, biology and English class.

Math class at Mountain View in Spring 2020

  • Pearson MYMATHLAB Retail Price: $105.55
  • IncludED Price: Included with tuition

Biology class at Eastfield in Spring 2020

  • Campbell Biology with Mastering Biology: $122.25
  • Exploring Biology Lab Manual: $95.10
  • Total book costs for Biology: $217.35
  • IncludED Price: Included with tuition

English class at North Lake in Spring 2020

  • Norton Field Guide to Writing: $75.60
  • IncludED Price: Included with tuition

How will I receive my books?

With Dallas College moving its classes primarily online for the Fall 2020 semester, all materials will be made available and delivered to you in an electronic format or shipped to your mailing address on file. Normal shipping rates will apply. Please take a moment to visit eConnect to make sure Dallas College has your current mailing address. 

How often does IncludED supply my learning materials?

When registering for the Fall 2020 semester, Dallas College students will be automatically enrolled in the program. By participating on a semester-by-semester basis, all eligible learning materials will be provided by the first day of classes.

What are students saying about the IncludED program?

Students who have participated in similar programs love the convenience and ease of accessing their course materials. Students have been very receptive to the concept of eliminating unknown costs for required course materials and being placed on a level playing field with their peers.

Do I have to participate in this program?

No, students are not required to participate. If you do not wish to take advantage of the opportunity for your learning materials to be included in your tuition, you may opt out of IncludED each semester by following the process available on eConnect when you register for classes, and the associated cost of learning materials will be credited back to you. 

If my instructor has recommended course materials, will those be included in the program?

Only materials identified by your instructor or department as “required” are part of the program. All other recommended materials will be made available for purchase at the campus bookstore and​

Will I still receive a book disbursement?

Beginning with Fall 2020 registration, students will no longer receive book disbursement funds. Students will continue to receive all remaining financial aid funds as a refund, instead of receiving a book disbursement. 

Will I get money back at the end of the year when I go to turn in my books?

Dallas College is using a purchase-only model for print materials, so there won’t be any rentals. Textbook buyback may be available for qualified materials based on supply and demand.

I like keeping my books at the end of the term; can I do that with this program?

Printed books are the students’ to keep. Digital materials will be available based on the publisher’s terms.

Does the IncludED program cover my continuing education learning materials?

No, not at the moment. We hope to include continuing education courses in the future. 

I opted out but now want to opt back into the program. Will I be able to opt back into the IncludED program? When do I need to opt back into the program?

Yes. You can go to your campus Business Office and ask to be opted back into the program. You have until the Wednesday prior to the first day of class to opt back into the IncludED program. It's important to note that students who opt back in at a late date might not receive their learning materials the first day of class. It could take up to 24-48 hours to process. 

Are home-schooled students part of the IncludED program?

Yes, home-schooled students are part of the IncludED program. You will pay an additional $20 dollars per credit hour. If you choose not to participate, you will need to opt-out of the program by visiting eConnect.

I have more questions about IncludED. Is there someone I can talk to?

Please feel free to email us at We're also available by calling 972-669-6400 or 972-669-6599.