3-Year Goals and Objectives (2019-2021)

​​​​​Through department audits, employee feedback, and command staff input, the department will address the following over a rolling three-year period:​​

1. Goal: Streamline administrative processes, decision making and audit key areas.

  1. Objective: Prepare strategic plan and update annually. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  2. Objective: Perform an emergency management GAP analysis (training, logistics, equipment, etc.) in collaboration with campus community emergency response team (CERT) coordinators (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  3. Objective: Review/Update the District’s basic Emergency Support Function (ESF) plan and support documents. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  4. Objective: Implement random drug testing throughout the agency. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  5. Objective: Evaluate lease/purchase options for fleet management to streamline repairs and improve uptime. (Year 1) – ONGOING

2. Goal: Assess high risk areas within the department and report findings and corrective action transparently.

  1. Objective: Complete a comprehensive District security assessment that aligns with master plan activities and the budget and capital planning process. Include a long-term facility plan for key police operations: emergency operations center, dispatch, property and investigations (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  2. Objective: Begin accreditation compliance through the Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA) and achieve accreditation through a two-year cycle. (Year 2-3) – ONGOING
  3. Objective: Conduct property and evidence collection review and continue destruction procedures. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING

3. Goal: Improve core service delivery and community engagement through proactive policing, staff development and communication.

  1. Objective: Implement Phase 1 of District security infrastructure, including all existing cameras, access control and panic alarms. (Year 1) – COMPLETE
  2. Objective: Implement Phase 2 of District security infrastructure, adding additional cameras, access control​ and panic alarms contingent upon IT upgrades. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  3. Objective: Create lock​down ability. Contingent upon completion of Objective 10. (Year 1-3) – COMPLETE (PHASE 1) ; ONGOING (PHASE 2)
  4. Objective: Equip staff with protective equipment for active shooter incidents. (Year 1) – COMPLETE
  5. Objective: Collaborate with Dallas County and the City of Dallas on a regional public safety radio network. (Year 1-2) – ONGOING
  6. Objective: Implement mass notification system and conduct regular drills. (Year 1) – COMPLETE
  7. Objective: Implement District wide smart phone safety app (RAVE Guardian). Increase voluntary participation. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  8. Objective: Complete executive table​top exercises for each campus. (Year 1) – COMPLETE
  9. Objective: Review and update location emergency operation plans (EOPs). Provide templates for critical positions of responsibility districtwide. (Year 1-2) – ONGOING

4. Goal: Focus on staff as our greatest asset.

  1. Objective: Evaluate pay structure. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  2. Objective: Standardize training for sworn and non-​sworn. (Year 1) – ONGOING
  3. Objective: Establish minimum staffing standards. (Year 1) – COMPLETE
  4. Objective: Recruit 20 certified and noncertified officers/cadets. (Year 1) – ONGOING
  5. Objective: Create Police Officer Trainee position and align the position with the District’s Guided Pathways program. (Year 2) – COMPLETE
  6. Objective: Communicate regularly through skip level meetings and dedicated employee events (conference day, annual awards, family day). (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  7. Objective: Give staff opportunities for advancement through clear performance planning and transparent promotional processes. (Year 1-3) – ONGOING
  8. Objective: Establish a recognition program to regularly celebrate good work. (Year 1-3) – ON​​​GOING