2019 Accomplishments

​​​​ILEA Graduates, 2019

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Institute for Law Enforcement Administration at The Center for American and International Law, one of the premier learning centers for law enforcement executives, managers and supervisors.

Since 1957, the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (the ILEA) has provided courses, seminars and workshops for police and sheriff’s agencies both nationally and internationally. From the eight-week School of Executive Leadership (formerly the Management College), the four-week School of Police Supervision to our one-week courses, the Institute’s mission is to provide top quality, academically based, challenging programs in a professional educational environment. Our Center for Law Enforcement Ethics offers a forum to explore and to discuss ethics-related issues and offers courses that prepare trainers to provide ethics-based programs in their own organizations. Our instructors and facilitators are among the best experts in the nation in their respective fields.

  • John Abbott, Cedar Valley College
  • Thomas Acevedo, Richland College
  • Moises Avelino, Cedar Valley College
  • Lori Boudreau, El Centro College
  • Paul Cunningham, Eastfield College
  • Christopher Downs, Richland College
  • Melissa Gregg, Cedar Valley College
  • Jesus Guzman, Richland College
  • Kevin Levingston, Mountain View College
  • Errol Russell, North Lake College
  • Byron Stewart, District Office
  • Nona Titus, Brookhaven College
  • Angela Willie, Mountain View College
  • Greg Wright, Eastfield College

Caruth Civilian Leadership Series


The Caruth Police Institute (CPI) was created by an innovative partnership between the Dallas Police Department and the University of North Texas at Dallas in 2008. The University of North Texas System and the main campus of the University of North Texas at Denton provided support, and an affiliated relationship with the University of Texas at Dallas, which offers a doctoral program in criminology as well as assistance with research projects, is maintained. Today, CPI serves law enforcement and public safety agencies throughout North Texas, offering customized leadership courses,.

This course is specifically geared toward civilian supervisors. This five-day, 40-hour course highlights include material in the core content areas of decision-making, communication, management and leadership.

  • Skye Miller, District Office
  • Diane Perales, El Centro College
  • Priscilla Garcia, Mountain View College
  • Barbara Szabo, Brookhaven College
  • Crystal Ruiz, Eastfield College
  • Serena Daniels, Richland College
  • Carla Dearman, North Lake College

FBI National Academy


The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement managers nominated by their agency heads because of demonstrated leadership qualities. The 10-week program—which provides coursework in intelligence theory, terrorism and terrorist mindsets, management science, law, behavioral science, law enforcement communication​ and forensic science—serves to improve the administration of justice in police departments and agencies at home and abroad and to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge and cooperation worldwide.

  • Commander Gabriel Galvez, Eastfield College