Severe Weather

I​nclement Weather Closing Questions

If you suspect a college closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather, there are many ways to find out if the college is closed, or will open later when the roads are safe.

  • Dallas College Alerts: Sign-up for alerts via text, voicemail or email. You can opt in Dallas College Alerts Signup page.
  • Dallas College App: You can learn about closings via automatic push notifications. Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store here.
  • Homepage: You can also view the homepage for closing information at Dallas College.
  • Social Media: Follow official Dallas College social media channels:
  • Hotline: Call the Employee Inclement Weather Hotline at 972-238-6912.
    Students can call the Student Inclement Weather Hotline at 972-238-6196.
  • News Stations: Check major television or radio stations in the event that the Dallas College websites is not operational.