Reporting a Crime

​The following should be reported by calling 911 on a college or campus service location phone. If a college/campus phone is not available, use any available phone and dial College Central Dispatch at 972-860-4290 if:

  • An individual has something stolen from them personally or if college property is missing from an individual’s work area. The item should be considered stolen if an extensive search and inquiries have been made regarding the item. The value or lack of value of an item should not be a factor in deciding whether it should be reported.
  • A person is threatened and/or verbally abused.
  • A person is involved in a hit-and-run vehicle accident.
  • A person witnesses or has knowledge of the following:
    • Suspicious activity
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Threats, arguments, verbal abuse
    • Assaults
    • Drugs
    • Traffic accidents
    • Traffic violation, speeding