Intruder Lockdowns and Violent Criminal Behavior

​Dial 911 on a college or campus phone. If a college/campus phone is not available, use any available phone and dial College Central Dispatch at 972-860-4290.

All intervention in criminal activity is the responsibility and duty of college police officers and local law enforcement.

No uniform policy can make determinations for all circumstances that may arise. ​Evacuating may be the best decision in one set of circumstances, while getting behind a locked and/or barricaded door may be more effective in another set of circumstances.

  • If immediate harm is not present, leave the area and advise others to leave the location as quickly as possible.
  • If conditions present immediate harm, go to interior rooms and spaces that place as many walls and barriers between you and the event as possible. When you get into the room, turn out the lights and close any window blinds. Be sure to silence your cell phones. Even “vibrate mode” is too loud with many cell phones. Get low to the floor.
  • In most situations, if an Intruder Lockdown is announced, everyone should place themselves behind locked doors and/or in barricaded rooms.
  • As you enter a room, try bringing as many people as you can into the room.
  • Once you and others are locked or barricaded in a room, do not open the door for anyone, even if they are begging. If you open the door, the suspect simply has more victims.
  • Remain in safe areas until directed by police and/or fire personnel to evacuate. Do not open a door simply because someone shouts they are a police officer or first responder.
  • During an Intruder Lockdown incident, the wait could be very long. Police will have to go room by room to ensure that there are no further threats to public safety.
  • Restrooms — given that you will be unable to leave a room during an intruder Lock-down it my be necessary to utilize the trash can in the room. Remove extra bags from the inside bottom of can before use.
  • In most cases, college police officers will be backed up by city or county police officers whose uniforms you might not recognize.
  • Follow police officer’(s) instructions. Unless instructed otherwise, put your hands up and spread your fingers. Do not make sudden moves — like quickly reaching for your phone and/or belongings when they enter the room. Even the college police officers whom you speak to every day may not recognize you during an emergency. The officers will be focusing on your hands, not your face.

Options if you are caught out in the open:

  • Keep moving until you find an open room that you can lock or barricade.
  • Keep moving until you find a good hiding place.
  • Play dead. This only works after the shooting has started — the suspect knows where he/she has been in the building.
  • Fight back. This is a personal decision and should only be used as a last resort.