Guide's Authority

​​The Emergency Procedures Guide follows the college-level and campus emergency operations plans (EOP), which are promulgated under the authority of Dallas College policy, NIMS Resolution (July 2007 Board), and the signatures of the chancellor and the chancellor’s staff.

Failing to follow the lawful instructions of college and/or location personnel and first responders charged with Incident Command System responsibilities during an incident/drill or preventing another employee and/or student/visitor from following instructions is grounds for disciplinary actions (following college policy) up to and including termination.

See: Dallas College (057501) Term Contracts: Dismissal DMAA (Local) and Dallas College (057501) Termination of Employment: Noncontract Employment DMC (Regulation)

The College Emergency Procedures Guide provides guidelines that would be applicable at all college locations. For additional information specific to a college location, ​contact the location’s police department and/or administrative offices.​​