Federal Direct Loans and the Two-Step Loan Process

​​​​​Welcome to the two-step Dallas College loans process. If you are a financial aid applicant, you will be offered a Federal Direct Loan, whether you want a loan or not.

This process ultimately puts more information and control in your hands, but it does​ involve a few steps you need to learn about. Here are an overview and some questions and answers to help you.

If you have more questions, you can always contact Financial Aid for assistance.

How the Two-Step Loan Process Works

Step 1:All eligible students are offered a Federal Direct Loan (FDL) award. You can choose to accept, decline or adjust this offered loan.

Step 2: You must accept the terms and conditions of your FA Award Letter on eConnect if you wish to re​ceive other funding — like a Pell Grant — whether you decide to accept, decline or adjust this offered loan.

The Direct Loan Process — Questions and Answers