Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for 2019-2020

​​​​​​​​​​To keep getting financial aid every semester, you must move forward in your program of study. For a quick overview of the standards you are required to maintain, see ​our Satisfactory Academic Progress flowchart.

Dallas College is required by law to formulate standards to measure a student’s progress toward completion of a program of study while receiving financial assistance through federal, state or institutional student aid programs by applying both qualitative and quantitative measurements to academic work (34 CFR 668.34). To comply with applicable laws and accreditation standards, Dallas College has developed a policy describing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for both applicants and recipients of student financial aid.

The following SAP policy measurements become effective July 1, 2019. These measurements shall be used to determine student eligibility for all need-based and federal Title IV financial assistance unless the terms of a particular grant or funding source state otherwise. All current and returning students, after a lapse of one period of enrollment or longer, will be re-evaluated under the current SAP policy. Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured at the end of each period of enrollment. Some financial aid programs have specific requirements. In those instances, the program requirements will supersede the general SAP policy stated here.

Each financial aid applicant must select a primary program of study on eConnect (login required) prior to receiving financial aid payments. A student can receive a retroactive financial aid payment for a prior period of enrollment within the payment period or award year only if he or she has chosen a primary program of study prior to the end of the particular period of enrollment. Financial aid funding may not be allowed if the student changes his or her primary program of study for the purpose of extending financial aid eligibility. All previously repeated college-level courses will be calculated in the Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations.

Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all previous colleges attended. All official transcripts that have not been evaluated must have a print date within the last three years prior to being evaluated or the student will be required to submit a current transcript. All previous college transcripts must be received and evaluated by the deadlines listed below. Failure to meet these deadlines may delay the awarding process. Students seeking financial aid assistance are encouraged to prepare to pay tuition and fees with personal funds until all transfer requirements have been met.

The deadlines for submitting transcripts for the next term are:

  • Fall: May 1, 2019
  • Spring: Oct. 1, 2019
  • Summer: March 1, 2020