CE/WT Courses That Are Cross-Listed

​​​​​​​​​​Continuing Education/Workforce Training Courses That Are Cross-Listed

The courses in the lists below are those Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses that are cross-listed. Cross-listing means that the two courses cover the same material; in other words, they are equivalent for the purpose of charging additional tuition. It is the same as taking a course twice. Cross-listed courses or courses identified as equivalent in the lists below count against each other for tuition purposes, but may not be used to fulfill degree plan/graduation requirements.

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Continuing Education Course Number Title (Course Titles May Vary)
ABDR-1091 St Auto/Automotive Body Repair
ACNT-1011 Intro Computerized Accounting
ACNT-1091 Special Topics in Accounting
ACNT-1092 St in Accounting Technician
ACNT-1093 Special Topics in Accounting
ACNT-1094 Special Topics in Taxation
ACNT-2000 Pro Dev: Accounting
AERM-1091 ST Aircraft Mech/Tech Air
AERM-1092 St in Aircraft Mech/Tech Pwerp
AIRP-1091 ST Aircraft Pilot/Navig (Pro)
ARCE-1091 Special Topics in Architecture
ARTC-1090 St Design/Visual Communication
ARTC-1091 St Graph Design,comm Art/Illus
ARTC-1093 ST in Graphic Design
ARTV-1091 St Visual and Performing Arts
AUMT-1091 St Auto/Automotive Mech./Tech.
AUMT-2000 Pro Dev: Auto/Autom Mech/Tech
AVIM-1091 ST in Aviation Management
AVNC-1091 ST Avia Sys/Avion Maint Techn
BIOM-1091 ST Biom Eng-Related Techno/Te
313 records found 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16